CMR 25: Dennis Demori – An Expert Copywriter’s Copy All Copycats Should Copy

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What If you could create repeat customers like Starbucks?


Your entire business could double, triple, and more, month after month!




What kind of skills do you need in order to get those customers to convert to your brand or product?


What do you need in your toolkit in order for your message to leave such an impression that your customers share their results with everyone they know?


In this episode Ben Willson interviews Dennis Demori, a Direct Response Copywriting expert for Online Businesses.


Dennis shares his secrets for creating copy that creates instant conversions as well as long term loyalty.


The level at which Demori shares in in-depth training which would usually cost charges several hundreds of dollars…


So be sure to Bookmark this episode to come back and use as a template for your own copywriting needs.


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