CMR 9: How to Become an Authority Figure Overnight in Any Niche

Interview with Dallas Porter – The story of “Faraday Preppers”

Episode Description:

How my buddy Dallas Porter and I made our Friend into an Authority Figure in an Industry/Niche that we knew [hardly] nothing about.

We learned what the key aspects of how to be an authority figure, and share the story and details on how we made credibility of a company overnight (literally).


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Show Notes: “Faraday Preppers” Story

Faraday Preppers Banner Design

Faraday Preppers Logo

Youtube Channel: Faraday Preppers – [This wasn’t mentioned in the show, but we realized afterward that there are a few videos with several thousand views on them]

– Interview with Kyle Bell & Ben Bell (History Channels’ “Mountain Men” Tv Show)

– Interview with SpeedySharp –



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