CMR 8: How To Integrate Facebook Ads with Your Google Ads to Boost Your ROI

Why Facebook is my “Go-to” Platform and How You’re Wasting Money If You Only Running Google Ads



[00:00:00] Do you have a business and you’ve seen success running advertising on Google Bing and type a search engine but you’re unsure how social media is influencing your target demographic or if there’s an opportunity for your business. I break it down of why I really love Facebook why is my go to source and how to use it with Google ads how to coincide the same type of advertising and reaching a certain type of demographic and taking it to a whole new level. Let’s get into.


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What’s up guys. We’re going to converge marketing radio. I’m your host Ben Willson. You know I mentioned last week in the last podcast how there was a course I was creating for Facebook advertising and for people who’ve never used that before. The course is going to be covering a lot of the exact walkthrough that you have to do in order to launch a first campaign which is going to break down a lot of the stuff that is essential to seeing results and finding success in advertising on Facebook. But there’s a couple of things that I wanted to talk about today and why I utilize Facebook as a go to resource for my advertising and how I can also leverage it with my Google ads. So I love Google ads I’m still. An avid user of it a Google partner if you know what that means. And it’s a great resource for people who’ve already discovered that they have a problem and they are trying to solve it so they start using words in the search engines and what Google’s doing is or Bing or Yahoo. Mostly Google because they’ve got the best algorithms is trying to help you solve this problem with the advertising realm of it. You have the capability as a business owner to try to match up the type of words or phrases that a person is looking for and seeing if you can connect the type of wordage or verbiage that a person who is looking for something and you offering miss something right a widget or service or whatever it may be. If it’s something unique it becomes really difficult.


[00:02:39] And there are some Google Ninja’s out there that are seriously he’s so good at figuring out getting into the minds of what people are going to be searching out. I was describing it to someone today and it’s kind of like a child when they’re trying to describe to parents something they don’t know the words for it. And so they’re trying to describe what they’re looking for. And as a parent you understand the context. You also realize based upon other things that they’ve said or other sentences or words or pointing and anything that can help this communication role through you then go oh I know what you’re talking about. It’s this word the Google ninjas out there that exists and I’m not one of them sadly enough at least I wouldn’t consider myself a Google ninja. But they’re able to get into the minds of what some of these words are. You got to think of it like neurologically. What are some of the phrases that people might be using in your business and better finding those phrases and keywords and thinking like the customer or the person who has the problem. Now that’s Google and if you find one of those big Google ninjas send it my way because there’s a lot of work to be done. Also there’s there’s so much leverage. The one problem that happens with Google though is that the person has already solved or looking for their problem solution. And so what you’re offering to them at that time is the solution. Right.


[00:04:20] The thing that I really love about Facebook though is that sometimes people don’t know they have a problem and you’re able to target them based upon their interests their behaviors the demographics how much money they can have. And there’s there’s a lot of things that get into the nitty gritty. But here’s a good example. So when I was a marketing director for an event company we would throw up events and parties. Right now people aren’t always looking for parties and typing in like hey a party in my area on Google right. It’s more of one of those like low key things they’re looking for people on the inside to tell them about this. So Google ads aren’t necessarily going to be helpful because no one is necessarily searching for it. And if they are searching forward it might not be at the right time. So it’s at it’s time it is a great factor for either figuring out if it’s a Google ad or Facebook ad how timely is your matter when it comes to events and you’re promoting an event and you’ve got something coming through. People aren’t necessarily searching for it’s so advertising outward based upon their age interests area in which you’re throwing the event and pushing out in so many different ways. Facebook is very visual so you can use it. You can utilize their platform with videos and lots and lots of pictures and then you can get them to create a relationship with the right where you can keep advertising to them at a much lower cost if they like your page. You can also get them from your page into a web site. And you know create your whole drip campaign running through that way.


[00:06:12] When it comes to google ads though I would definitely not use it if it was me saying the end of the events is going to happen at a certain time unless it was very well known that people were searching for it. So the solar eclipse is coming up soon. I would imagine a lot of people are searching for it. That’s an event that’s going to happen. And based upon time it and a wide variety of people are looking for it. Google ads is a great place to advertise for that. The other thing when it comes to kind of the differences of figuring out these Facebook are these Google in the essence of time is things that are like more traumatic. So a good example is if you get hit in the face with a baseball bat or something knocks out your teeth you’re lifting weights and the barbell comes and knocks you too. That’s a dance is going to have a terrible time advertising on Facebook for a person who’s had a traumatic experience of their tooth getting knocked out. Facebook. Yeah Google ads is a rare thing because people are searching for that and you can pretty much just set your budget to say anytime someone searches this phrase of I knocked my tooth that what do I do now you get an ad that pops up. Whereas in Facebook maybe not the best. But here is why I go to Facebook as my mom has my go to resource because one is really helpful to understand who my target audience is. And it’s also really helpful to know what am I selling. What kind of business or service am I trying to produce.


[00:07:54] And is there a target demographic that doesn’t know that they have a problem that I can give them a solution for. It’s more of a neurological marketing you’re basing upon mental triggers of things that are likely to happen. It’s got a little bit of I’d say understanding who your target audience is and what’s the likelihood of them being interested in something at that particular time to give a a good example of this is if I were advertising a certain type of offer and the offer that’s a demographic let’s use solar solar is pretty big right now it’s bad. And next year if I was to advertise solar I would target people who had a higher income as opposed to people just typing in the word solar. Like I said solar eclipse is probably serve a ton for right now. So if you were advertising solar on google it’s going to be a terrible time if you have the word solar as a keyword and you’re trying to rank for it or you’re trying to get people to click on you selling solar panels on people’s houses for their energy. So Facebook is where you want to then target people if you targeted at certain amounts that people make in a neighborhood that is likely to have the best kind of sun. And you created at an ad that targeted people saying hey in your neighborhood there’s the best sunlight for solar panels. And by that you can save on your energy cost by X amount of dollars. Right now it’s such a specifically targeted thing that people weren’t necessarily looking for but you’re offering a solution to a problem that they might not have realized that they had.


[00:09:45] And I hope that makes sense though. So when your business you need to start looking at things timely or what’s the likelihood of someone searching for this do they already know that they have a problem and that they’re searching for this problem and if they are then Google ads is the best thing for you when it comes to Facebook. You want to utilize it in a way that you can provide an offer or an opportunity to a person who might not realize that this offer or opportunity is available to them. Let’s take the events for example. They’re not necessarily searching for it but if you present them with this new opportunity to go to this party or event that’s a great way to leverage Facebook. Now I also taught in the beginning saying how to use Facebook side by side with Google. So the best thing about Google is people are finding. They’re trying to find answers to their problems but they’re not always ready to buy. If you don’t have the right type of drip campaign or landing page or opportunity for people to put in their information and then you can create the relationship through email. Facebook’s going to be a way to leverage that. So if you put a tracking pixel from Facebook into your web sites people that have the problem are searching for something you pop up with your google. Once they come to your Web site and they don’t put in their information you’re tracking pixel then starts a campaign in which you can then take their relationship off of a search engine into their social media and pop up in their newsfeeds.


[00:11:31] At which time you can then continue that relationship and either get them to like your page come back to the site. Maybe there’s a different offer. This is what would be called more like a down sell because you try to sell them on something and it didn’t quite work. They didn’t put in their information. So now is an opportunity with Facebook leveraging Google as this down sell opportunity of hey you know what you came you saw our site. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for or it wasn’t the right price or wasn’t the right service. Have you checked this out. Or did you realize that we also offer these services or these other products or hey you know what. For today only now that you’ve come to our site we’re offering half off right now that this opportunity to bring them back to your site. And so leverage what you’ve already paid for on Google as well as retargeting or sorry remarketing to the people from your Facebook tracking pixel so that in a loan is a way to leverage both types of platforms and the two different types of demographics. This podcast is a little different its been something on my mind and I know I’ve typically shared a lot of stories in fact but it’s been like the basis of all of my podcasts but for this one I I’ve been really thinking about it. There’s such an opportunity to learn how to leverage that demographic and that’s target audience. And that opportunity. And if you’ve found success with Google ads continue doing it. I’ve got nothing against it. Then there’s a way to connect up the two.


[00:13:14] One is for people who are interested in solving their problem if you can solve their problem. And they buy right then and there. Google ads is amazing for that because they know that they have a problem and they’re looking for a solution when it comes to the Facebook and maybe the person just wanted to know the answer the next time that they go and type in the into Google you probably might not pop up the likelihood of it happening let’s say if it’s later in the afternoon and your ad budget is spent. Because you know we’re all we’re all business owners. We don’t have deep pockets for it’s insane amounts of clicks happening. What’s the likelihood of your ad now popping up the second time when they’ve had a little bit to think about what your offer was. And so now they go to your competitor who is offering the same kind of thing because now their ads are popping up because they paid less than you. So you can get totally screwed if you don’t either catch the catch The lead the very first time and if you can’t do it or you didn’t do it and maybe your conversion funnel isn’t quite set up you can at least integrate Facebook ads to have is another step in your conversion funnel to continue that relationship. It’s just like meeting someone for the first time and you you have a quick exchange and then the next time you see them you can actually take off where you left off. You can continue that conversation that you were having with a person.


[00:14:46] So if I was having a new conversation with someone and they ask the question and I gave them an answer but they weren’t ready to buy then I saw them like two days later and they’ve had some time to think about it and it’s like hey what were your thoughts about that last time you know. If you’d like. We actually have an offer about the exact amount I was telling you about because we were we were we’ve also been thinking about it too. Right. If I was in person that’s how I’d sell someone how to sell someone online is. Exactly. That’s the one to combo with leveraging your Google ads that you are very comfortable with. You’ve seen success and it’s now time to get even more money out of what you’ve been spending by continuing the relationship. And if someone wasn’t necessarily ready to buy or put in their information it’s essentially like adding another step to your conversion funnel where they can continue what they were learning or seeing why your business is a good fit for their problem and if they still don’t put in their information maybe maybe they like your page you can create a retargeting campaign towards them which becomes like pennies on the dollar because Facebook wants you to essentially reestablish or continue that relationship with the people who have already said that they they want your information. So the cost per click at that rates once you’ve created a couple of those steps is insanely low as opposed to initially advertising on on either platform for the very first time. So guys that’s my thoughts for the day. If you’ve got any questions or thoughts you’re always welcome.


[00:16:36] Goshi me a question you can see it on conversion marketing radio dot com where you can get to the Facebook page conversion marketing radio. Shoot me a message there. I want to hear from you guys and I want to answer some more questions. If you’re considering using Facebook or how to best leverage either platform in your business or anything else to do with. Where you’re at in your business especially when it comes down to creating conversions right that’s the whole point of marketing. Shoot me a message I want to hear from you guys. Hopefully you got something out of this today. I am super excited to continue creating my Facebook as course and there’s quite a few questions that are coming in. And I want to make sure it’s very well rounded and covering exactly what you guys need for your business. And there’s a lot of different industries. And because of it there has to be a lot of additional content so let me know. Thank you so much for your time. I truly appreciate it. And hopefully we’ll catch you again if you like today’s episode as well. This was your first time. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

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