CMR 5: Are Your Beliefs Keeping You From Untapped Revenue?

Ep 5: How a ‘Banana Hat’ Changed My Beliefs and the Way I Marketed




Why do we fear what we don’t know?…


As a child did you ever avoid eating your vegetables, or fruits, or something else?


And as you grew up you continued to avoid trying it, almost to the point that you don’t even know why you avoid it anymore?


Then one day you decide to try it out and you discover that the amazing, life changing, maybe your new favorite food?


and you ask yourself “Why did I believe this food tasted so bad for so long without trying it?”


What if this same concept happened to you in your business and you discovered a way to increase your revenue exponentially?


[Intro – Welcome to Conversion Marketing Radio]


Belief window” – Hyrum W. Smith


A belief window is something that we as humans have based upon experiences, beliefs of principles (religious and secular), and is what guides our actions from what our beliefs are.


Example: If you were bitten by a Doberman pinscher as a child, most likely you will always be afraid of them as you grow up and your belief will be that all Doberman pinschers are vicious dogs that attack people.


The functions of an individual’s “belief window” can be correlated to the person’s age. Most likely the older the individual, the more beliefs this person may have, and can be “Stuck” in their own ways/beliefs from the amount of experiences they’ve had throughout their lives.


My “Belief Window” Lesson …


If you’ve been following along with this Podcast, you’ve heard me talk about Trilify before, both the ups the downs of that E-commerce project I launched with two other friends of mine.


When we were getting ready to launch our minimum viable website to see what happened when we ran our test marketing campaign.


We created a shared document that each of us could add products that we thought would sell well.


I remember giving a ton of thought to what our target market would buy (Teenage girls… unpredictable)


My friend Dallas was doing a majority of adding products and I was looking at everything he had added to our list and I remember seeing a bright yellow hat with an embroidered banana on the front.


I specifically remember this product standing out to me and I questioned if we should add it to our catalog, even knowing that this was all just testing our MVP (concept), I questioned it that badly thinking it was going to actually deter the site visitor into leaving….


A couple days we later launch…


For those of you who know the story, once we pushed the “start” button


it was like opening the flood gates,


our website shut down for a moment from the amount of new traffic on the site without warming up our server to handle that amount.


There were so many orders coming in that we couldn’t see on the back end what our sales were at for the first 3-4 hours.


Once were finally able to get back into our site to check our analytics, I just wanted to see what the damage was like…


It wasn’t until going through all of our data and compiling it into an easy to read and navigate around program, that I saw something interesting…


Our number one selling product on that first day was the “Banana” Hat,


I thought it was a fluke, maybe it was just one person who wanted to re-sell them for a higher price to Banana Connoisseurs or whoever…


For the next week or so we sold so many Banana Hats that we were convinced we should basically make a “Banana” line with

  • banana pants,
  • banana socks,
  • banana shirts,


you better believe we “Banana-Had” it.


That was such an eye opening and “I told you so” type of lesson to really solidify the importance of testing something new to see what happens


even when you doubt it so much of it’s success,


and it later comes back to be a new avenue for profits that you entirely shift what you’re doing


because it’s like an “Untapped Well” that is just giving as long as you keep pumping.


To come back to what we talked about in the beginning about our fears to do something


Importance of getting over our fears, even trying things that you think Data has proven before from a different company or website….


If you can clearly know it doesn’t work for your business with your own audience, for your business, you need to be trying to testing:

  • a new product offering
  • audience/niche market
  • advertising or Marketing channel
  • etc.


is the best thing you can do to find untapped potential for new areas of profits.


What test have you thought about doing that you haven’t tried yet due to a lack of belief that it would actually work out?


If you’re interested in learning about different channels; I’d recommend a book I read last year called “Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth” by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares


Thanks for Joining In Today,


Until next time, keep converting.


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