CMR 4: Struggling with Converting Traffic? then Your Business Needs a Sales Funnel! Interview with Steve Larsen of

Ep 4: Struggling with Converting Traffic? Then Your Business Needs a Sales Funnel!

Interview with Steve Larsen of Sales Funnel Radio and Host of  ‘Sales Funnel Radio

[00:00:00] HEY GUYS WHAT IS UP! We’ve got to today’s featured guest. In fact more than just a feature guest one of my all time favorite people who just tread in the path of entrepreneurship. His name is Steve Larsen. I’m sure many of you have heard of him if you haven’t you’re behind times and you’ve got to go check out his podcast that cell phone or radio. Steve are you ready to rock? Well I’m pumped.


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[00:00:52] Steve works at Click Funnels and I say works. I mean he probably plays act Click Funnels company was charging the world by storm for just a number of reasons.


[00:01:04] He works directly with the founder of Click Funnels, Russell Brunson, as His main sales funnel builders, for multimillion dollar clients. He’s got a rapidly growing podcast called ‘Sales Funnel Radio‘; If you literally haven’t heard of it, you’re probably going to want to schedule out like a week of time and just like that (That’s what I do in my opinion).


[00:01:29] I honestly do believe Steve is the best sales funnel builders in the world and it looks like other people’s opinions are clarifying that too. I’ve known Steve for quite some time and in fact in Marketing Class [from College] we can mix it up and our passion for pushing the envelope in online marketing really is what I feel like caused friendship, right?


[00:01:55] Yeah it was actually you leaning over to me saying hey hook stripe up like this instead.


[00:02:02] That’s how we started. You know I was watching bob’s or whatever and you know I can do this and that or that I was like whoa you know what I’m doing. Friendship you know dude weirdos United or we were the only to see in there in the marketing class or it was funny. Like you you like marketing. You’re like yeah I’m in this class you know like well there’s 30 other people in this class. Are just getting degrees. And like maybe I actually do.


[00:02:32] In one of his latest podcasts he mentions that he’s a ‘seven year night’ overnight success which couldn’t be more true.


[00:02:42] And we’ll get into that definitely on this podcast. And the last thing is the single greatest quality that stands out to me after all the years of knowing Steve is his tenacity and relentless pursuit for pushing through anything hard or difficult that comes along his path. And it’s all for the purpose of creating the life that he wants to with. Steve you want to take him in and fill in the gaps from that intro and also just give us a little glimpse into your personal life.


[00:03:12] Yeah of course man that’s super nice of you. You’re gonna make me weep over here. A business though a lot of fun memories growing up and all the cool crazy stuff he’s the teacher. I was thinking through all the businesses when he said that the seven year overnight success. One day I was sitting down. I was like I wonder how many times like I actually failed before quote unquote you know hitting it or whatever. You know and I think I wrote down it’s over like 15 businesses and in lot of years and what’s cool is that like do they half of them are with you. Like we just were just pushing that we were just trying to make it work you know.


[00:03:53] I think I failed more times than other people have tried and I don’t mean to boast like proud of that.


[00:03:59] But does that make sense just like men. I’ve probably tried a lot of things. And like 90 percent of them have failed but they’re not necessarily failures but they’re definitely what would contribute to that like. I mean I don’t know if I’m I would say seven years probably I’m like five years. And just 90 percent of the failure. Yeah. But education really School of Hard Knocks.


[00:04:26] Yeah. Oh totally at a baptism by fire. Every entrepreneur has to go through. I feel like it’s almost sanctifying. And when I see an entrepreneur who hasn’t actually gone through that and is starting out for the first time I’m excited for them but I’m also wondering why it’s the first time they’ve ever actually pulled the trigger on something you know that the speed you know money love speed like the speed that you’re going to go get those things done and try is such a big deal. And so you know we’ll constantly be launching and it’s not that we have like you know all these different things that we go do that take our attention away from the other things. It’s one at a time. But the speed that we execute them and get them done is is so crucial so if you’re someone is out there and you listen to this you know like I haven’t actually done anything haven’t tried anything yet. Like no offense but stop reading. You know what I mean like you go you know stop learning for a little bit. Just go execute for a while and think that’s what I realized when you I doing stuff like that. This has been so much fun doing this you know. And. While I was this different. Oh because I stopped distracting myself by saying I needed to learn I read another book just to get it. You know what I mean.


[00:05:35] Right. Oh absolutely. Absolutely.


[00:05:41] I would honestly just add this comment it’s it’s the difference of learning between reading someone else and then going through and trying to break down what they found to be successful versus you even trying to emulate it even as closely as possible because there’s so many other things that a person doesn’t realize that went into their education so that they could be at that point. And even the gurus out there who are claiming these classes like oh yeah like anyone can be successful in seven days it’s like well anyone could be successful seven days after seven years of failure.


[00:06:19] Yeah absolutely. It’s just it gets more comfortable for everyone to continue to study and study and study rather and actually go watch the business and stay in in front of somebody and actually try and make a sale that’s much more comfortable to go. So you got to go and comfortable. But it’s worth it.


[00:06:37] Absolutely so.


[00:06:39] Steve let’s talk about your area of expertise. Break it down for us like give us something we probably don’t know about your area of expertise.


[00:06:47] Sounds good. So I build sales funnels and that’s totally technobabble jargon for a long time. My Mom thought I built kitchen funnels. And like this you sell funnels you steal kitchen funnels like none like internet stuff. Oh ok. I didn’t think you knew anything like kitchen funnels like I don’t I’m not a cook but basically. So I built 170 sales funnels. That’s the last time I counted in the last year. And I sit next to Russell Brunson and we build funnels out all day and it’s a lot of fun. Yeah. Ranging from all sorts of industries from e-commerce webinars info products digital products B2B. I mean kind of the gamut to be honest. You name it. I had my cousin reach out to me and he’s like So do you only do things with physical products it is like no. And I started listing out all of them like wow you know it’s been an intense year that feels like a blur. But yeah we’ve kind of hit it across all the industries and what’s nice is that from the position that we sit in you know there’s like I don’t know over 40000 active users of click followers right now we’re get like almost a thousand a day right now and it’s just it’s nuts to see like all the industries everybody’s in and they go like wow in this industry that type of funnel really doesn’t work very well. It’s kind of a unique spot to look in but this one does you know in this industry only in this specific area. This one works really well.


[00:08:23] You know it’s been a massive rush of information and you ask like how you guys are sleeping much like because it’s so exciting it’s such a unique thing to go look and see and do and work at. And that’s yeah that’s really it. So I go I build funnels and a lot of times Russell will have I don’t know I have an idea that day and you know he doesn’t take it. It doesn’t take away from a current business. But you know Vox me in the morning and be like do I stayed up till 3:00 a.m. I got a sweet idea but you’ve got to build it by 3:00 p.m. today. Was like Oh crap a whole photo. But it’s funny because at first that like really freaked me out. And it’s gotten shorter and shorter and shorter in the fast this time. The fasces warning has ever given me now is actually 11 minutes that I had to pull off a whole funnel and I and I did it. It is called Crazy cool. You know it took a solid year of me just to build them like crazy to get to that spot. It’s it had a lot of bugs to be honest. But we did it and I watched it.


[00:09:25] That is insane. That’s intense. That is. That’s exciting stuff.


[00:09:30] So you recently also finished a three day intensive course called the two call Michelob right. Yeah. It’s fun stuff. You are teaching it. What is something that you consistently find time is on again with clients or business or the people at the to the club or anywhere else. They keep coming back and they’re saying like wow like I never knew that or consider that or thought that was important.


[00:09:54] Sure. One of the big ones in fact we have our unique coaching call today a couple of hours of all of them and I would get about 500 people on that course right now. And we take them. We take them through it’s called the secret master class. I basically went through 10 years of Russell’s content took me a long time and I indexed all of it and then I went back through his books and I went through and I said OK let’s layer these together like in order to know this you have to do this in this other book First In order to pull that off you get into this. And kind of daisy chained it together and put it chronologically together as far as topics. And then I said you know do we get to like put this thing together. This is awesome. And we realized that everyone in his inner circle who was brand new they all had the same questions they had the same every single time. Russell was spending a full day with him on the exact same thing over and over and over and there’s 100 people in there so he’s doing it over and over. And I sit right next to him literally. So I turned around and once I was like I mean you were I was like dude you little are saying the same thing over and over and over like you know I’m sure it’s fun that you know you get up ever and that’s that’s actually up to you. Coming up coaching was born. It’s all the stuff that the inner circle needs in order to actually be successful.


[00:11:09] And we just went we broke it down into a course that everyone can have and we call it to come club coaching and it’s a pretty freaking awesome. But the but yeah the started to get text your questions or  this morning, You get it.


[00:11:23] I need that. We need that.


[00:11:30] So one of the things that I consistently get kind of asked about and one of things that actually most people find pretty interesting is when you read a book like like secrets or you go and you start building a business the tendency for most people is to go and they big they write. They basically create a value ladder. You know the smallest thing on the front in kind of mid range in the middle then big high ticket thing in the back. And the tendency for everybody is they will actually go start at the tripwire level. And we found over and over again that’s actually wrong. That’s not the way we do it. Whenever we bring in a persona for Russell That’s something we would do with them whenever we launch anything on our own that’s not how click photos. I mean it always always always starts with something that’s around a thousand bucks and we nail it and we figure out how to sell a thing. If you go build a web in our funnel and you get out there and you start building the women are funnel what ends up happening is let’s say you launched this Web or you get it out there. What always ends up happening is tons of people come back to you and they start asking questions. I wish I did this. I wish you did this. How can we not including this. Why is this. You know why is it working this way. I had my own funnel actually is doing is literally after you graduated been smarter than me everybody who graduated before I did.


[00:12:57] I’m just convinced that the dean to let any of you left.


[00:13:05] I thought a year of college you know. And he and I when ever I launched this product I was like I got this idea is in the MLM area I get this idea for this product and I think it’s going to be pretty sweet and nice. I spent a little time putting together I went a funnel at the top guys in the industry and I put it all together and I went and launched it in like nobody bought. I don’t know what’s going on. Do they not know how sweet this is. And I kind of let it go. And this guy came back and he was like he’s like dude I’ve literally just stumbled into your thing and I bought it. This is freaking amazing. What are you do and not selling this thing hard like nobody wants it you know? And he’s like I wish you included this. So I went through and I included it and he was like a really interesting thing. Interesting thing happen is my sales went up. So I had the main product and then one of the like ad on and sales went up but sort of the questions. I wish you did this. I wish you did this. I wish I did this and was like What if I included that and I went in and I started including those things.


[00:14:09] So you got the main thing which I thought was worth the money alone which it is. But then just be including these one or two other things. I started trading what I would call and offer any product or service. The goal is to graduate to an offer if you can make instead of a product or service it’s not good enough. You’re not going to you’re going to be competitive enough in the world if you do that. You’ve got to make it an offer rather than product or service which is you know something a little bit bigger that you know massages all their fears and makes some of them freak out.


[00:14:40] Absolutely. And so keep going.


[00:14:45] No not yet.


[00:14:45] So what we’ll do is after I started adding in all of those elements all those pieces. My sales kept going up every time and so I just made the offer bigger and bigger and bigger. And it’s the same thing when we actually go out and we tell someone to build a web on our hey build a thousand dollar product just charge a thousand bucks. No you’re going to do that. Find a way to justify that. And then all these people are going to go out they’re going to start asking these questions. Well those are your tripwire funnels that they’re telling you what the bill on the front end. So you don’t I guess do the other way you guess. That’s the big point I was trying to get there. No I love that. So I guess to.


[00:15:28] For my own understanding and I guess anyone else out there you’re saying go build out your thousand dollar product first. Yeah. Whatever that is put it out there. When people start saying no to you or whatever their questions are every one of those questions go build like affronts and offer that kind of satisfies or answers those questions right.


[00:15:51] Yes. First, you might be doing it to the initial thousand dollar product you know like hey I got this sweet product. And as everyone’s saying stuff you might need to you know buff up the actual product. I did that for so long. And then after a while I knew like this things just read us now like it’s such a ridiculous value why would anyone not get it. And it consistently makes a thousand dollars a week just kind of sitting on the side for me now and then the other one. What I realize is that there’s now another level of questions happening where I’m like huh. If I was to go make you know a different product I now know exactly what it’s supposed to be because they once told me what it is. You know the one true tripwire funnel one you know main high ticket you of one really had to take a photo. But everyone told you with the build the market will always tell you what to build. You don’t. You don’t currently have the creativity inside of you ever to actually know what the market wants. You got to go find out what they want.


[00:16:51] I love that. Manso. After so long right?


[00:16:59] The seven-year overnight success. Things are obviously there. You’ve learned a ton. But let’s also talk about the reality of building a business or being an entrepreneur has it taken the bad with the good. And I’d love to hear what you would consider to be like the worst or the hardest entrepreneurial moments to date. Sure. Oh


[00:17:25] man. You know my hardest situation for sure. You know it was it was probably when my wife and I first got married was awesome. Best friends. Super cool blue man when we first got married we just had nothing and I mean like nothing. You know we had a thousand bucks and we went in and moved to this brand new you know city. Neither of us had a job. We had a thousand bucks to our name and like live in barebones right like where I put the sprinkles and I think there’s no glaze. We’re not putting in a little sesame seed there’s no glaze in life going on like live in bare bones as we possibly can. And we could not. Our expenses were still eleven hundred dollars a month. And so for eleven hundred dollars a month you know we could even survive. Can you survive one month. And so we get there. And and it’s a new city. She doesn’t know anybody really it’s a new place it’s the new it’s everything’s brand new. And lots of pressure to provide as a man you know you know it’s my new bride you know I want to be I want to feel like a man or if I can provide and you know and we got to the spot where I realized like holy crap you know at least I can get student loans. And luckily I realized that a few weeks in. But I go and I start getting student loans and I thought all the paperwork but it’s still literally like six weeks until the money actually shows up.


[00:18:52] Holy crap are you kidding, like how are we going to not die. You know at least money is on its way. But I’ve got to figure how to not die for like six weeks you know how to keep my wife alive.


[00:19:03] And so I called my dad and I decided to call my dad and maybe and give me like a little long walk as I’m walking out to go call my dad.


[00:19:16] My wife had been staying in bed a lot and I was like maybe she sick the press you know like what’s going on you’re right you know baby you know what is it you know. And I started asking her and you know with a lot of with a lot of grit.


[00:19:36] She told me that she’d only been eating one meal a day because a we didn’t have the money for more and B she wanted me to have the energy when I was at school.


[00:19:49] She’d already graduated and so I was. She wanted me to have energy while I was in classes like Hall. Holy crap. You know and I had this is all in the backdrop of I’m going to call my dad and just feeling like so worthless as a guy. You know what I mean as the provider you know and that was really intense and I went to call my dad he’s like dad now trying not to like ball and photos like it’s hitting the fan daddy you don’t like. So we get out of this. You know we got money coming. You just float me like three grand and I will pay you back the moment the student loans come in and my dad is a long pause I mean that’s out of the phone and he goes.


[00:20:33] He said no but he said no.


[00:20:38] I he said if I give you this money my fear is that you’re not going to go exhaust the resources that you didn’t know you had. He’s like stiff upper lip and go get it done. That was pretty much what he said. And I later talked to him and he was like I was like we hung up and I was ball my eyes out that’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. And I was like it’s the best thing you ever did though because this fire got created in the gut and I was like I don’t know how I don’t even know what area but I need to make some freaking money and I’m going to go figure this out right now. Get out of my way. And I went and I started doing stocks options tons of financial markets stuff.


[00:21:17] I started doing real estate commercial real estate. We started using people for our case for investment pieces in big commercial real estate. We’d give them shares back. I was doing door to our sales e-books around the time that I met you.


[00:21:30] You know I mean we did so much stuff and I sat down and I listed all the businesses and I was like that’s really really fascinating on how it all worked out. And there’s little successes here and there but none have really started taking off until just like I was saying before until I started creating offers rather than products or services.


[00:21:47] Yeah that’s an interesting mind shift so I guess would you would you consider that then to be what caused you to start going in the right direction or keep moving down the path that you’re currently on.


[00:22:01] 100 percent definitely.


[00:22:03] I love that.


[00:22:04] So that is awesome I love that story and it really shows in all of your work and every single day like every single time I hear something coming out from you’re always like oh man I’ve got to get a couple hours of sleep. I’m just been so excited about what’s going on. And you’ve always been that way even when during the times that like we were around in their name but they owe us tens of thousands of dollars for sure. So the work that we did and that time was hard because I was I know both of us were relying on. I mean we put in everything into working with some of those clients.


[00:22:44] He didn’t pay he just he just left us because we happen to be college students and we get to write it off as internships. So obviously you’ve had some You’ve had some great ideas and the one you’re currently on is obviously the best one you’ve come up with because you’re still on it.


[00:23:05] But tell us a story of one of your greatest ideas today like sheriff’s you like aha moments. The thing that really just set everything off went Oh this is it.


[00:23:17] You know it was like sorry go for it. Yes there is that story.


[00:23:21] See it was probably I’m trying to think it honestly it’s probably around the time that you and I were doing so much work together and we got stiffed by that billion dollar company that wouldn’t pass the money we were charging and it was shortly after you graduated that I realized I could send a butt load of traffic to anything and you could do it too and we could we could drive traffic like machines. I mean we are just really good at it you know.


[00:23:51] But I had no idea how to how to make it convert.


[00:23:54] And I didn’t know I knew I knew how to sell face to face you know doing a lot of door to door sales and telemarketing and stuff like that. I mean I did I did the whole game but I like it anyway. A lot of tries. A lot of failures a lot of success of small successes. But honestly it was when I figured out that I needed to send people through a funnel and it’s not because I’m at Click Funnels and I’m saying this it truly was my own just realization that oh my gosh does this whole thing where I can have customers come into my world and I can actually make money from them initially rather than go in the hole one of the one of the cool stories here we keep having VC firms offer us $100 million. It’s like over and over and over and what a heart probably one of the hardest problems are at it. And every time we would say no. I’m like Are you kidding me. Like you guys you guys are what we call a unicorn like you’re going to be a billion dollar company soon like you’re a unicorn and we’re like cool. We don’t want your money. What are you kidding me like you know like are you kidding. This is nuts this is so crazy. And they’ll say well how much is your cost to acquire a customer. And you know I remember when we were working with that you and I were going at that big client was one of the questions. What’s your cost x.


[00:25:14] You know how was your business and how much are we actually going to pay to have someone come inside the doors and they were asking us that too. And most SAAS companies on the Internet spend about 100 to 200 dollars just to get someone to try their software. And we actually because of funnels. You know we flipped it on its head and we actually make $40 for every person that comes in before they ever even use any click funnels. And they’re like that’s not even possible how do you do that it’s completely it’s completely backwards like that’s impossible. And so you know sit down draw it out on a napkin. Well this is how it works and we send out you know and they go get this book and they go here and if they get upset. Anyways the average you know we spend like $20 for someone to come buy a book but they end up spending $40 or $60 and at the back end we make positive $40 for every customer coming in they’re like oh my gosh. And it took like six or seven times like saying this over and over drawing it out showing examples like holy crap you know what if that’s true then this changes business as we know it. We’re like yes that’s why we’re here.


[00:26:21] Well I’m like oh my gosh that’s so crazy.


[00:26:25] And it was nuts as we went in and you know started what were on this mission to do now is figure out like what front and back and middle funnels for every industry which actually converts and all of them.


[00:26:37] And if we can figure that out and know like hey in this industry alone this funnel type works really well and the cost to acquire customers for everyone around the world will drop.


[00:26:49] You know what I mean average cart values will go up. It’s it’s really really powerful is that concept sending them to a break even funnel and then getting profitable on the back end that changed everything for me.


[00:27:01] That’s amazing. So I love that.


[00:27:07] So if you could sum up like what would be like your big take away from that. Aha moments.


[00:27:15] And you know it would tie into that that first part. It would be when I just said hey send him first do a trip or a funnel. That doesn’t mean build it first that means build your actual core product first. You know your thousand dollar thing $2000 thing. Or if you’re like you know quote unquote a real business or a brick and mortar business whatever mixture you’ve got that core offered product down pat you know super soon and I would make sure that you have something that’s high ticket. That’s really where most of our money will you know most of your money will come from. And then afterwards go figure out the break even funnel figure how to stop paying to acquire the customer first you have to. That’s fine. But don’t don’t build them in that order build them the other way.


[00:27:59] That’s so that’s awesome. Awesome. A key takeaway from that. So I’ve got a couple last questions for you Eddie.


[00:28:09] I know you you’re limited on your time cause you’re just going to take over the world. So there’s one of the things that’s on your desktop or your computer is that it looks like a checklist. It’s like take out the trash checkmark and it’s like it’s got all these things.


[00:28:30] I mean isn’t saying My boss was like wait I have something like. Are you seeing that.


[00:28:37] You and I from DECA when we were recently moved when we taught like 2000 students about funnels. Yeah but you’ve got an empty box there that says take over the world. So I want to know how are you doing on that.


[00:28:58] I forgot you know that like that’s one of the items that you do take over the world to do list part of it’s honestly just a joke I think I think it was I think it was Abe Lincoln that said With all the pressures and stress in my life I did not laugh I should die said something like that.


[00:29:20] And so part of that like Russell Brunson and I we literally have meeting titles that are title. All right you guys ready for our take over the world meeting. You know to be like that’s ready for world domination. You know let’s try and take over your planning world domination let’s figure out how we can actually do it you know and half of it’s a joke. But at the same time we’re just always trying to think of things that are this huge and big and and how we can implement it.


[00:29:46] You know so the whole take over the world thing though is we want to do that with our message and where we’re desperately going after people just like you and I and probably honestly if you listen to this part. Yes. Know that like shoot you know like here’s the roadmap.


[00:30:06] You want to go be successful you want to be your own entrepreneur you want to go you know live the American dream wherever you’re from. Like here’s the road. We figured it out. Just literally plug and play and to do that you got some Colonus and know that you’re trying to take over the world with a message.


[00:30:23] So with that said what would you say was holding back your pursuit or like was there any time in your life you felt like something was just holding you back from doing what you are doing now.


[00:30:38] Yeah totally. Speed would be the answer to that.


[00:30:44] I remember a lot that I would just sit back and just think like you know you guys got to make this product and it’s going to be amazing. And what’s what’s going to be in it. And I’ll sit down and it’s exactly you should do it. Russell and I do it. We’ll sit down we’ll brainstorming offer and we put the most ridiculous ideas on. All right first we’re going to give them the schoolmaster’s class and then we’ll give them this awesome tool and then we’re going to have them kind of Russell’s house cooking breakfast.


[00:31:06] You have him sleep in his pajamas and well you know what comes at the most ridiculous offer we come up with and then we look back with OK maybe he’s not going there I believe in Russell’s pajamas. Maybe his wife won’t cook and breakfast with all the unrealistic stuff. But at the end we have this amazing offer and I keep going back to that. But that really has been the thing that has changed everything. Then the huge aha for me in the past a little bit. It’s it’s the offer and what I call offer structure and how you create the offer and we create the first product is the main thing that most people would stop at. But then we think what are the main false beliefs that other people will have just by seeing the title. You know and and we list out all those false beliefs and then we create a product that directly addresses and solves that concern. And that’s what we packaged up in the office anyway. So they repeatedly over and over again like me not understanding the offer peace and speed of creating it. That doesn’t mean a product needs to be created when you are selling it most of the time we don’t have the product created when we start selling it first. We go sell it and we say hey this thing’s coming out in three weeks. This is earlybird tickets. You know we’re just trying to see if it wants it. That’s it. And if no one’s going to buy we’re not going to go spend the time to make it. And those huge blows anyway.


[00:32:29] So I’d say yeah the combination of the speed of creating offers would be the huge thing that held me back I just did not understand that that’s amazing.


[00:32:38] So would you put that in.


[00:32:44] Let me rephrase that. What’s the best advice you feel like you’ve ever received.


[00:32:54] In like a certain category that are in general like if it if it contributes the fact that you wake up in the morning and you’re excited about what you’re doing. And that’s the category.


[00:33:09] Yes. You know so I sit next to one of the most hyper heavy hitting fast moving entrepreneurs I have on the planet right. Russell Brunson is a pure genius. I mean he’s the man. And it’s been fun to become personal friends with them over the last 15 months that I’ve been there right next to him. Well doing that I was like holy crap you know when they gave the job offer I was like good grief that made up the positions so I could be there next to him and be like yeah cool and so he sat down and and I thought like how am I going to leverage this. You know what am I going to do. And so I sat there and was like OK and you know you know Trello You’re the one that introduced me to throw and I have a category called Russell lessons and I sit down and anytime he says something he’s coaching his inner circle or he’s come you know telling people hey this or that or whatever. It’s just this amazing thing. I just sit down and just write it immediately with this gigantic list. And the one that he said most recently is is probably the one it’s the one that’s most top of mind right now. It’s up the most potent vice but it is different than what school taught us. This


[00:34:23] is what he said. Someone is interviewing him. And I always love that because I’ll sit and listen and he always says stuff that’s crazy that’s the first time he’s ever said it. And you know afterwards will be like Did you hear me say that that was awesome I was like I know I wrote it down is so cool.


[00:34:39] So he said he said going from six to seven figures a year does not require more hours in the day. It doesn’t. It’s just a shift in thinking rather than focusing on selling one person at a time. You shift your focusing to selling lots of people at once etc.. It’s not about hours it’s about leverage. And for me that was huge because you know me like dude you’re right.


[00:35:04] Like I only sleep a few hours a day. Stuff like that. But guess who’s sleeping soundly most nights. Russell Bronson is like wait what’s multimillionaire you know taking over the world of the sweet software. Like how does he do that. Well it’s because of the way you know didn’t start that way.


[00:35:19] You know like before workweek you didn’t start working by working four hours a week but eventually got it down to that you didn’t start by doing you know big nights of sleep he doesn’t want to boast so he doesn’t. But it’s it’s has so much less to do with or harder work harder work smarter work smarter so much less to do with that.


[00:35:39] And has so much for that you would just leverage. OK. I am not the best face to face salesman. So I would go ask someone else to do that. You know I am not amazing at driving traffic. Actually what’s funny is that when I started I hate driving traffic. Now Facebook ads all that stuff. I’m just not good at it. I am going to stay in my one spot. What is my peak right now. And that’s that’s one of the things that you know he’s personally taught me one on one to sit next to him. He’s like look dude you got to figure out your thing and stick with it stay with it and say you got to learn to say no to everything else and figure out how to leverage things around you to get it to happen and you can do that. Holy crap like everything changes and so on my own personal side business. You know I’ve got a traffic driver. She’s amazing. I’ve got an awesome voice overlay guy a graphics guy a support person who just loves everything that I do. He’s the man you know and I’ve got I’ve got this huge team that’s been building and kind of assembling around me so that now when I have the idea I can execute on it. But I still have my normal day job and for a lot of guys listen like that’s going to be huge super key it’s not about more hours. It isn’t. It took me a long time to believe it when he actually believe that then that’s ours.


[00:36:54] So what what’s a personal habit that contributes to your success.


[00:36:58] State control of any go to Internet tools that you couldn’t live without.


[00:37:08] Besides Kurt funnels everything runs thought of it is no way like all this.


[00:37:13] When I cruise that’s because like Ronalds went on this that’s good not because of my job because my own businesses you know and all the stuff.


[00:37:20] But as far as tools man I would do soundcloud actually Politan.


[00:37:31] I’m a huge fan of Poulton ph L L E.


[00:37:38] And in what it is is a color wheel picker. And so. Russell is like how do you make your funnels look so good so fast. It’s just a little like three step process I go through every time what’s the base color. What’s the accent color. But I have the computer tell me that it tells me all this stuff. So I knew that that was really helpful.


[00:37:58] Yeah. Well nice little cheat sheet right. Yes. Cheat sheets. What book would you recommend that change the way that you run your life your business.


[00:38:10] It’s so funny I just sit next to I’m so indoctrinated and Russell Brunson isms that I’m good a hard time not saying Dot Com Secrets it’s that’s that’s it. Yeah I know that the last time I spoke to you was Dot Com Secrets but then experts seekers just came out which definitely was life changing for sure.


[00:38:34] Yeah we it was really fun. I was heavily involved in the concepts behind that book and we just really really enjoyed that book. But the first one was definitely dark secrets. The first time I read it I was laying out on a security line holding my M-16 and my right arm and then the Dotcom Secrets book and my left hand and I kept getting in trouble because I just walk around and they’d be like you said what do you do you cut that out.


[00:39:01] I’m in the army  (I forgot that part) I put that out there I’m not going with and I was like this guy I’m 60 and just chillin in the treeline so he let them go.


[00:39:15] But I read it and I remember the distinct feeling I was like holy crap like there has I have I have poured through marketing material so many people’s content and I have never read a book that was that straightforward on how you actually do it. And I was like if I just go do this. I bet it’s going to work and it did. And and I started doing it for myself and all these other companies in it and eventually you know the Mansa. So that’s kind of how it all happened book D secrets but I would read them the other order. Now we kind of wish we released them the other way around I’d first read expert secrets and then read Dot Com Secrets.


[00:39:52] So yeah that what are you most excited for about now.


[00:39:59] Anything you’re looking forward to this to come but coaching thing is just amazing. You know we’ll have 70 people on call and I go through each of their businesses with them with all the people listening and it’s honestly their four-hour sessions. And I got to take a break every once in a while. Do lots of jumping you know get more caffeine in my body at night. But the two there’s just the people who just do the work. What I did is I just lace all the books together. But then I said hey when you read this part of the book these three pages go watch these two videos from Russell which could have been way back when and then answer this one thing in this PTF that I’ll give you. You know and by doing this and this you should have this deliverable and don’t move on till you have it. And the problem is most people won’t they’ll just keep reading. They won’t actually do what the book is saying. And then it gets into the book with the intent to do it all. But there’s so many little things and little details in the books they read and anything that they don’t actually ever execute. And so it’s been really really exciting to get messages from people that are like hey. I actually did it. I got 77 sales on my first web are you know this other lady she made seven hundred grand in two months through the process we’ve taken her. And then you know this other lady is 19 grand her first women are like really just crazy stuff.


[00:41:21] We know the process works. The biggest challenge we have is causing belief in the individual enough to just go do it and actually execute it. And that’s been really really fun to go see. It’s easily the thing I’m most excited about right now.


[00:41:35] That is that is exciting. Yeah it is definitely exciting stuff to be looking forward to each and every time.


[00:41:43] So wrapping up what is the best way to connect with you and to hear more from you.


[00:41:49] And probably my thats my podcast. And honestly if you want to connect like I’ve got a and click on services at the top that’s that’s mostly the easiest way. Yeah. Awesome.


[00:42:10] And then my last question then I’ve got for you what are your final words of advice that you want to leave with those who are listening.


[00:42:20] I just remind people of it that everyone else is making it up also. You know what I mean. One of these think yet one of these fears that everyone has especially as our coach people as they help them they’re like one of the repeated fears over and over.


[00:42:37] I just always see is that like there’s this mirage that happens is this weird mirage effect where the individual sees themselves as the only person who doesn’t get it enough to actually execute and they think that everybody else around them has got it down and that they’re perfect. And that business should be done with your tie on and your shirt starched and that you’ve got to be this you know. You know what I mean it’s total bullcrap. That’s so not true at all like we do the most goofy crap on the planet we make fun of our competitors openly we you know we do everything that you and I were taught in marketing school to not do. And we do it all and any. I mean we have our own TV show we have all this stuff but it’s we didn’t know that it would work we didn’t know the stuff would work. And the reality is that you fire like crazy and one of them hits and it changes your life. And but this whole mentality of oh my gosh. Like everyone else around me you’ve got to figure it out. It’s just not true. Everyone else is thinking the same thing about everybody else. And if you just realize that and you just start watching and realize that you merely launching is putting you in a position where you’re going to be successful far the chances are far greater. So just just start you know just do it.


[00:43:55] I love that. That definitely is the best way to wrap this up. Thank you so much for your time today and remember everyone keep hustlin keep looking for new ways to challenge yourself and most of all just keep converting.


[00:44:12] Seriously thank you so much for your time today, Stephen.

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