CMR 37: Discover Your Tribe

Discover Your Tribe: How To Find The People Who Want, Need, & Value Your Skills

How To Find The People Who Want, Need, & Value Your Skills

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Everyone has a narrative in his/her mind that guides choices, decisions, and actions.

The same narrative will attract individuals together and separate others.

Remember your first best friend…

What made you two become friends in the first place

Was it that you both liked Power Rangers or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches?

Or was it that you lived in the same neighborhood?

Maybe it was coerced by your parents’ who wanted to spend time with their friend(s)…

Whatever it was…

It wasn’t anything with similar beliefs in depth that brought you two together.

Then as you grew up, you started getting interesting in new hobbies…

But did your friend?

Most likely (s)he developed different interests, yet you remained friends based on your history together.

And as time went on…

You grew apart…

Your narratives changed…

You changed!

Your interests became more dynamic, specific, and unique…

At some point, you felt alone…

Like no one else around you cares about the same things as you…

It became hard to talk to anyone about what you were thinking about because they couldn’t carry on a conversation about the same subjects you cared about.

Until one day you discover others who think like you, believe like you, and share common identities of what you stand for…

… Just Like YOU!

It felt like a breath of fresh air!

“There are others!” [says your subconscious]

There was now a group of people you felt comfortable around, had similar beliefs to yours, had the same dreams and passions, that you have.

Your narrative was solidified, you were reassured that you weren’t “weird”

But how did you actually determine what your narrative was in the first place?

What “story” have you been developing as your guide to making decisions and taking action?

When you were finding your “tribe”, were you conscious of your mindset shifting?

Are you sure you found the RIGHT tribe?

What about your contribution to that tribe?

Will it be recognized by others as valuable…

Or will it be in vain, because it’s the WRONG tribe?

In this episode, I talk about how we find our ‘tribe’ and what that discovery means to us an individual…

but more so…

how we determine the value we are willing to deliver to society in order for others to benefit from.

Are you ready to discover what ‘tribe’ you’re in and if it’s the right one?

Download & listen to episode CMR #37 “Discover Your Tribe – How To Find The People Who Want, Need, & Value Your Skills”


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