CMR 36: Top 3 Lead Generation Mistakes

Ben Willson Shares the 3 top lead generation mistakes in b2b and b2c funnels

How to Avoid 90% of the Pitfalls of Landing Page Problems

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Do you have a lead generation funnel or putting one together for your business?

When you launch your landing page, how confident are you that it will convert quality leads?

Do you feel that you’re missing out on opportunities because your landing page isn’t reaching its full potential?

Ben Willson, host of the ‘Conversion Marketing Radio‘ podcast, has generated 10’s of thousands of high quality leads for dozens of different types of industries, valued over $10 Million of new revenue opportunities.

After 5+ years of developing online acquisition funnels, whether it’s B2B or B2C, Willson shares the top three (3) mistakes that cause 90% of the problems when generating leads that actually convert into paying customers/clients.

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