CMR 30: Calling Your Shot

Where Goal Setting & Accountability Meet – a Tactic Out of Babe Ruth’s Playbook



Show Notes:


On October 1st, 1932 the New York Yankees were in the 5th inning of Game 3 of the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.


The now legendary Babe Ruth was batting  and the Pitcher Charlie Root had already sunk 2 strikes against Ruth,


With a stadium of fans and rivals screaming at the top of their lungs; Many people shouting for him to miss the swing and strike out and send the Yankees packing…


The pressure was on.


As Ruth stepped up to bat for his 3rd & final pitch…


Ruth pointed with his two fingers in the direction of the pitcher but aimed higher to gesture where his next shot was going… center field.


Charlie Root wound up the ball & released it.


Ruth swung, making contact with the ball and just like his prior motion, the ball flew over the Pitcher and into the stands causing a home run.


It was Ruth’s 15th and last home run in his 41 postseason games.


and to this day, it is said to be one of the greatest home runs in history.



Babe Ruth called his shot. He could have failed, missed the ball, and struck out…


However, he also was setting his goal in that very moment.


He envisioned what was going to happen next.


It was then up to his practice, dedication, and knowledge to follow through on the making his vision come to life…



There is no better way to remain accountable to those who see/hear your called shot.


The community of people that are now your “accountability partners” are the silent allies that will remember your ‘called shot’ and cheer with you when you achieve your shot.


I’ve now called my shot.


It was my goal to make a $1 Million in one of my businesses by the time I was 30 years old, and while I’ve helped many other businesses surpass the Million Dollar threshold, even facilitated $200 Million in new revenue for a Fortune 500 company, I’ve yet to do it for my own business…


I turn 29 next month (July 2018), which means there are 13 months left to accomplish this goal.


Honestly, “calling my shot” has been the scariest episode I’ve ever recorded…


It’s the most vulnerable time sharing your goals publicly…


Even scarier knowing that I can no longer take the goal lightly…


I’ve started a Facebook Group called Marketing Between The Lines to share the journey to the goal, but also to have it as a community for other Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and anyone else striving to achieve their goals


Join the community at and let me know your goal by ‘calling your shot’ and together we’ll help other accomplish our dreams and turn them into reality.







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