CMR 29: Scott Fleming – The Authentic Seller: A New Type Of Salesman




Show Notes:


Ben Willson sits down with Scott Fleming, the VP of sales of a rapidly growing startup, Nozani. Scott shares from his arsenal of sales processes and positioning on how to sell without losing your dignity.


For many of us that are a non “salesy” sellers who may be passive or introverted, Scott has a unique way of selling that has changed the sales game…


Instead of cliche “hard-core” closer, the new type of selling with authenticity is how Scott see’s amazing results while establishing great relationships with clients and customers.


If you don’t fit the mold of an aggressive salesman, and want to learn some the secrets to closing cold-calls for high-end services, this episode is for you.


Fleming shares how to start and finish a call that will give you maximum success for those cold calls.


Key Notes from the Show:


  • Sell the results as the opportunity from your view as the expert, don’t sell yourself or the company. Show your authority by being the expert on the subject.


  • Your customers and clients will pay attention to your knowledge and capabilities when they trust that you know what you’re doing.


  • Instead of selling them on “why us”, sell them on “how this will work to make your dreams a reality”


Connect with Scott through email [email protected]


*Nozani specializes in the Optimization and Management of clients e-Commerce accounts. Specifically operating their Amazon sales channel – visit the website @


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