CMR 28: The Frictionless Funnel

Have you ever gone to pay for something and upon checkout the amount that’s due is more than the price you were shown before?

In a store, you’d most likely ask the attendant about the price difference (if it was a big enough difference…), and you’d be able to talk with that person about the concern at that moment.

It could be for various reasons, such as the price tag is mislabeled, or there was an additional charge added that you weren’t aware of.

But what do you do if it happens on a website during checkout?

Do you go to the contact us page to find a number to call only to see that it’s a toll-free number which most likely won’t get your problem solved right away…

Do you email them and wait several days for a reply?

Do you go ahead and buy the product regardless of how much money it was increased by?

Or… do you leave the site to either find somewhere else or maybe just stop your shopping right there…

I’m guessing you chose the last option…

You may have even told yourself “I’ll come back later when they’ve gotten it fixed and buy it then”…

But that day never comes…




Do you know why customers leave your website or funnel?

Have you ever asked a person that bounced, why they left and didn’t move through your funnel?

Often times it’s not the problems you know about that that cause your funnel to have low conversions, it’s the problems you don’t know about.

You may have tried completely revamping your funnel or even ditching it all together by throwing in the towel…

But honestly, after making small changes, clarifying the message, and talking with people who didn’t buy, I’ve seen what a frictionless funnel can produce (conversion rates as high as 77%!!!).




Show Notes:

If you’ve been following along, or know me, you know I read a book a week in relation to the problem I’m currently facing in my business.

I always get people reaching out to me to know what books they should read, but it’s hard to know what book to recommend due the phase your business is in.

The other problem I notice is that sometimes you read a book, but you aren’t sure what exactly to do with the information you’re learning.

I’d like to invite you to a hardcore ‘book club’ that is combined with a mastermind training.

Introducing: the ‘Marketing Between The Lines’ Facebook Group

Every month, we’re going to select a book, then have a small online group forum where we can collaborate and share how we’re applying the info in our own businesses.

Come network, learn from amazing entrepreneurs and marketers, and share what you’re learning/applying in your business…

go to to join

Once you’re in, create your first post with a problem you’re struggling with in your business or a book that you’d like to read that you haven’t yet?


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