CMR 27: The 50% Rule for Starting Up



In the early stages of your startup, how do you prove your idea while making money at the same time?

The secret that many mega-companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and dozens of others) used early on to test their ideas is the same secret that you should use to get your ideas out and start making money while you’re perfecting your product.

The 50% rule is the best way to validate your business, generate users/customers, and build a sustainable growth model.

In this episode, Ben Willson talks about the two parallel activities in your startup to divide your attention, time, and resources.

The 50% rule for startups is to ensure your business has the full potential to scale and dominate.

While you are building the product there are many channels (mediums) to gain traction…

But How do you know which traction channels to use and spend your time doing?


“Traction: How any startup can achieve explosive growth.”
Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares




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