CMR 22: Your Uncharted Path

Your Uncharted Path - Ben Willson


Do you feel that you are more prone to taking a risk rather than playing it safe?

Depending on your job or business, you may feel that the risk is worth taking or that it’s best to let someone else lead the path ahead.

Welcome back after 8 weeks of silence…

Once the new year came around and I launched a new business, it seemed like the one thing I was missing this whole time… was you guys.

There are some big changes ahead…

Not only in my business, but also with this podcast.

I took some time to really gather myself in what needs to happen on a personal level, but also what I can do to bring valuable content that changes the way you market.

The concept of “Conversion” goes deeper than I originally knew, and after immersing myself in what it actually means, I’m excited to share the changes that will be happening in the coming episodes.


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