CMR 20: The Secret to Becoming a Master of Your Trade


“There’s something that I noticed about Danny Veiga, that’s the same thing with like Russell Brunson or Steven Larsen…”


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Welcome to Conversion Marketing Radio guys. I’m your host Ben Willson. There’s just been awesome new epiphany that’s really struck me after doing an interview today and I’m excited to share that with you guys on today’s episode.


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Welcome back guys!

When I first moved to America with my family back when I was about 10 years old, we came during the winter. We came with nothing but suitcases in our hands, really a harsher time and more like the immigrants of old.

That next summer when it started heating up, one of the neighbor kids started mowing lawns.

I thought, “Wow, this is such an opportunity at my age to start earning money.” The thing that I learned though at 11 years old was mowing lawns sucks at that age.

It was hard. It was really hard going on the summer heat and keeping commitments and going mowing lawns and making sure that they’re perfect.

I had a neighbor and he taught me perfection. This guy was a colonel in the military. He would come out with a ruler and you check how long the blades were, blades of grass; He’d bring out scissors if I needed to cut it and help me, edge the whole thing. His lawn was like his haircut It was perfect, it was trim and exact.

He wanted to keep it that way.

Now, he only paid $7 to have me mow the whole lawn, do the edging, do hedge, cleaning up and cutting all the stuff.

It was the hardest $7 I had ever heard in my life, but it taught me a very valuable lesson.

Now, it taught me really about perfection and being understandable to criticism and learning from others who have gone through the ropes, who know what they’re looking for, and being open to that criticism and then going and implementing it.

With mowing lawns, I started taking on more and more lawns and it was just really summer work. It wasn’t something that I really enjoyed, it was just work.

I needed money and I could buy other cool things or things that I needed because we didn’t always have the resources at home to do so.

With that said, years and years later, I have grown this passion for mowing lawns as weird as that is and like a weird passion.

It’s more like I don’t hate it actually. It’s one of these pastimes that I love mowing a lawn like every single week because I can think and it’s a very passive moment and I can see something getting accomplished very, very quickly.

It’s almost like a nice little relaxing pastime but it also accomplishes something.

Now, what is the difference?

Was it just being of age or what kind of transition there?

I’ve learned it’s the same things that happen with people who end up mastering their skills or becoming a guru or the guy that everyone knows like, man, that guy is all in on that one subject.

That’s what he knows so well.

What does it take to get there? It’s the same thing that actually happened when going now in my late 20s to mow a lawn versus my early teens when I was mowing a lawn then.

What changed?

It’s actually the fact that when I was a teenager, it was hard, it was difficult, it was like the harder work that I’d ever done.

Now, it’s so easy. Mowing a lawn is so easy but there’s always things to still improve on. It still has to get done.

You can’t just go, “Okay, I’ll learn how to mow the lawn and the next week I don’t know how to mow the lawn.” It’s not how that works, you go back through but it makes a lot easier every single time.

This is where I actually found that joy and it’s a nice pastime.

The thing that really changed in my mind was, well, one, it got easier but two, it also allowed me to know, “Hey, I got this.” I can still go through and still start doing the work.

Now, in a different twist, this is the same thing that happens when you’re studying or when you’re trying to master your trade, is to be a student.

The best people that I know who have mastered their trades are always students of their trade. They’re not just these guys who are like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it, I know it all.”

I remember one of the very first times that Stephen Larsen and introduced me to Russell Brunson.

This is years and years ago before you really blew up the internet fame. Russell had shown a little snippet or a little video of all the different books and all the different courses he had purchased through that year.

He spent like tens of thousands of dollars going to marketing classes and reading marketing books and all these things.

I was like, “Holy crap.” If that guy is the well-known guru for sales mannerism and for an online marketing, and here he is reading books and go to other people’s courses.

You might look at it and think, “Well, does he really know all the stuff?” It was like, “No actually, he is perfecting his craft.” That’s exactly what he’s doing.

I got a chance to interview Danny Veiga. You guys are going to hear the podcast starting next year. It’s something that I’m so, so excited to share with you guys, I learned so much on this podcast.

There’s something that I noticed about Danny Veiga, that’s the same thing with like Russell Brunson or Steven Larsen on sales mannerism.

He’s a student of his trade. He’s really honed in and he’s continually learning how to better improve not only himself but he’s passing along that information to others so everyone can enjoy and reap the rewards of someone else’s learning.

What that does to a guy like Danny, is he is a master of that trade. He understands Facebook as like it’s nobody else’s business. He’s always got these different– He’s competing against himself with his ads.

I know he posted recently. He was like, “Hey, I got these new leads in for like a dollar 20.” Then the next day he was like, “Oh, I got to spend like a dollar.” The next day was like, “Oh, I got to spend like 80 cents,” right?

That is crazy!

This guy’s already getting leads so close. It’s not to say that he’s sharing this to boast, he’s sharing it because he’s passing along the information that he’s already learning and a guy that’s already closing leads like a $1.20, that’s amazing! Then to get it down like 80 cents, 60 cents…

I think for my guy, I don’t even remember how low it got but it’s interesting to see how a person who is a master of their trade is essentially still a student.

That’s what makes him the master. It’s a unique twist, you can wrap your head around that.

That’s the way that if you want to master your trade or what you want to be known for, you have to continue to be a student.

You can’t come across like you’re this guru that you’re the knowledgeable one, you’ve got to put on your student hat and start looking at this on a very basic level as if you are learning it all over again.

See where the holes are, see what you might have missed and that’s where you’re going to be building these foundation principles on. You’re going to go into unique and new paths down your trade.

Everyone that I’m seeing do this is the same kind of pattern.

They’re always learning!

These guys are saying, “Hey, read more books and these are the things that we’re doing to learn.” If they’re already successful and they’re still learning.

You can see that the pattern didn’t start now after they’re successful, the pattern started way before they ever saw success because they’ve been a student and they’ve been humble enough to stay as students.

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Thanks again guys.

Always remember, keep it Converting!

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