CMR 19: The Weird Connection Between Sir Isaac Newton and Your Conversion Rates

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What’s up everybody, welcome to Conversion Marketing Radio. I found this weird connection between Sir Isaac Newton and your conversion rates. Anyways, let’s chat about that today.

Welcome back. When I was six or seven years old, my family was on holiday at a place called Drakensberg mountain.

Actually, the Dragon Peaks Park in Drakensberg mountain which is in South Africa. For those who are new here, I’m originally from South Africa.

It wasn’t like foreign travel, was actually a lot closer than you think. Although I don’t have an accent?

(which is a touchy subject, never ask about it? Just kidding).

To describe Drakensberg, it’s really interesting. It’s actually the border between Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal, the province.

Or in other words, it’s the big country and a little country, and the little country is inside of the big country. That’s the only place in the world that does it like this. Yes? outside of maybe what the Vatican is in Italy. That’s kinda like a country…

But what the Drakensberg mountains are, actually form up the border on the southeastern side between Lesotho and the rest of South Africa on that side.

These mountains, they go straight up, and then what happens is they merely flattened like a plateau which gives the appearance like there are a tabletop. Anyways as a six-year-old, I’d stayed away from our condo.

My brother, Dave, who’s nine years older than me, he came to pick me up on his bike and to take me back to the place.

In order to get back faster, he had me sit on his bike and told me that I should sit with both of my feet on one side of the bike.

But I felt like I was going to fall backwards if I did so and I just argued against that and ended up sitting with my feet on either side of the bar.

I know what you’re thinking, but I was six-years-old to move past that part of what you’re thinking.

Dave started pedaling and telling me I really should have sat on the way that he suggested and think something’s going to happen.

Well, after a few minutes of riding down this rocky trail in the mountains, the next thing I remember it was actually I was lying on the ground crying and everything was this big blur.

The next thing I really noticed was that my leg had gotten stuck between the spokes and the fork of the front wheel on the bike.

My brother, Dave, had flipped over forwards and was thrown past me into the gravel and then frantically came and started pulling my leg out of the contraption that it was in.

Now, this is actually related to Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, which is inertia.

Inertia is little thing where basically– nice recap of science class– is that inertia is an object that stays at rest or an object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion continues in motion until some external force acts on it.

Inertia - Perfect Example

This is just typically unless there’s things like stirring a glass of milk or something, where you’re moving it around, but eventually, gravity finally stops it. There is still the external force.

But this story exemplifies what happens with inertia.

There was motion, and finally, some external force where external object or something happened upon our little motion, and everything stopped.

Now, this can happen in two different ways, either the motion stops or is drastically altered in the way that it is or it perpetuates itself.

A good example is if there was an asteroid coming and it hit another asteroid that was already in motion it would speed it up, or it prevents it from moving or at least slowing it down.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “What does this have anything to do with marketing?”

I promise if you stick with me, I’m going to bring it all right back.

How does this connect to not only marketing but your business, your entrepreneurship the way that you live?

Everything that you have to do actually connects to inertia more than you think and it was very surprising.

The more and more that I have been thinking about it how is just very relative to pretty much every aspect of our lives.

The next thing that I want to talk about with inertia was– is another example and relating it more.

When I was in my late teens, early 20s I did two years of volunteer work as a service missionary for my church in west Texas.

Talking to families about happiness and the joy and the meaning and purpose of life.

Whenever the conversations with people were about comparing either their beliefs versus the beliefs of our church, that it never went good, ever.

It always strayed into arguments and just perpetuated motion in a very different way, and cause like the digging in your heel effect.

And it didn’t really help because there was no happiness to be found there, and that’s what we were supposed to be talking about, was happiness.

Instead of trying to “convince people” through tactics or strategies like that’s possible. You think of this, and you’re selling, people don’t want to be sold through tactics and strategies.

They never like it?

The same thing happened when we were trying to talk to people about just trying to find happiness in their own lives through finding more.

There’s got to be more to life?

When we start talking about eternal happiness and life’s purpose and how you find happiness here on this earth and trying to pull people out of either addiction or going through hardships in their life.

Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or anything.

For a kid, this was an amazing opportunity because it was difficult, and it push you to become more and understand more and trying to actually really think about others and what do they want, and how you can help them find that.

This made sense because what ended up happening was, whenever we talk about happiness and the things that mattered most towards what the other person was looking for.

And happiness comes in all different forms whether it’s through status, or success, or time, there’s a lot of things that makes people genuinely happy.

When we were talking with different individuals we ended up making really good friends when we talked about the things that they wanted to know about, and the things that they were already in motion of trying to solve.

They had figured out that, “Okay, there’s a problem.” And it needs to be solved by either going to church, or spending time with your family, or essentially just doing the simple pleasures in life that have nothing to do with “keeping up with the Joneses” or anything.

What was so crazy was that we ended up making good friends.

I made good friends with the pastors and ministers of like other congregations who would want me to come to their bible studies with their congregations.

Because we were all talking about things we had in common, and what we were all striving for, and what we were all trying to gain out of this thing called life.

Now, I promise you I’m going to relate this to marketing if you don’t mind me talking about God and beliefs and everything like that because it’s going to come back.

The thing is it relates when people are at rest, or they’re in limbo, and they stay that way.

Now, this is where inertia is connecting to.

An object that’s at rest will stay at rest. However, an object in motion will continue in motion until there’s an external force that acts upon it.

The people that are already in motion are going to be the ones that are more understanding of where others are coming from, who are also in motion. Start implementing this in your business and in marketing terms.

Now inertia, another way of explaining this is, a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

In your marketing, people might see your landing page, they might see your copy your images, your videos, your retargeting ads, your e-mails, everything that you have to offer in your business.

They still don’t do anything.

Does that sound familiar?

Have you had people that you’re like, “Oh my gosh. How do I explain this to you like how this is going to make your life better?”

Maybe you haven’t gotten to that point in your business.

Maybe people haven’t understood your message.

Now, what does this have to do with necessary conversion?

Well, conversion is necessary as people who are going through that change, and you’re trying to get them out of inertia.

You’re trying to move them in a different direction that is either going to perpetuate where they’re at or stop or prevent them from moving in a negative direction.

This is if you got products or services that are to help these individuals gain their wants and they understand that message very clearly that is how you get them out of inertia.

As you start marketing ask yourself this, do your customers want to connect with what you’re offering?

Do you have a product that solves their problems or gives them what they are looking for as a want?

Even if they like this, toilet paper is a need but it’s sold as a want.

“Why buy Charmin? Because Charmin Ultra is the best”

[That’s not a paid advertisement, sorry… but you’re welcome Charmin for that promo…]

But that’s what they’re offering, even though it’s a necessity they sell it as a ‘want’.

Then the next question you need to ask is, is your offer strong enough as an external force that can perpetuate the motion in which they’re moving?

If I’m striving to find happiness, how does your product or service help me to find my happiness sooner or faster?

Then to add on top of that, this would essentially question three.

If so, have you clearly stated that in your messaging?

Is your messaging clear enough that shows them how they will gain what they are looking for in a faster or perpetuated motion because it connects with what they are looking for.

These are things that you want to look for in your marketing, and how it relates to Sir Isaac Newton’s law of motion.

To just give a brief how this also relates, I’ve been chatting while with Steve Larsen of Sales Funnel Radio, we message each other a lot on Voxer with the cool little gold nuggets we find or maybe some of the struggles that we’re going through in our business and how to change them or anything like that.

I really enjoy that friendship with him.

We’ve been talking about motion in your business as an entrepreneur.

Why is it so interesting or difficult when you either meet someone who is– if you meet someone else who’s in motion you just connects with them.

That’s why these mastermind groups take off, and that’s why people who are around others who are already in motion are more successful than those who are stagnant.

So think about that and your friend’s group. Are you around people who are in motion or stagnant.

The next thing is, if you’re in motion other people will notice it.

I saw a quote on Facebook, and it was by Chris Rock.

He said, “I saw someone on the freeway, and that had a sign up that said needs help with their car and nobody stopped.”

He said, “But then I drove past again later, and the same person started pushing my car and that everyone started or stopped their car and started helping the person.”

Now, what does that teach you?

Well, when you’re in motion other people notice it and they want to help with that motion.

But if you’re stagnant and you’re waiting to be helped, and you’re at rest, well, you’re going to stay at rest.

The people that are around you are at rest, they’re going to stay there, and it’s going to suck you in.

There’s the crab’s theory. I know that sounds like a like an STD-type of situation but it’s a little different.

The crab theory is that, if you put a bunch of crabs inside of a bucket and a crab tries to jump out the rest of the crabs below in the bucket will pull the crab back in causing the crabs to stay inside the bucket.

This happens the exact same way with inertia because, if you have a tendency to do nothing you’re going to remain unchanged, you’re going to continually do nothing.

If you’re this type of person.

One, definitely listening to podcasts like this or educating yourself is going to start moving you in that direction.

The next is to find people like that who are already in motion.

If you’re already in motion yourself right now, continue finding people who are at that level or above and moving in that way because they’re going to give guidance and exemplify where you’re going yourself, and that way you won’t lose track of what you’re ultimately trying to do.

It strange how Sir Isaac Newton has a play in both of our physics the life that we live in, our motions, our life goals, and successes, our spirituality, our emotions.

I mean there’s so much, and it’s all in the very first law of motion that he set forth.

Hopefully, you guys enjoy this.

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Enjoy, take care guys.

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