CMR 14: Adopting Infomercial Strategies to Increase Landing Page Conversions

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Have you ever noticed that every infomercial follows the exact same pattern?

If you have noticed it before, have you ever wondered WHY they all use the same pattern?

The answer might shock you!


Hey guys, welcome back to Conversion Marketing Radio, I’m Ben Willson


I have a confession to make… I love watching infomercials! I always have since I was a young kid, I used to think it was because the acting was ridiculous, the transitions between the acting, the testimonials, and the narrator or host was always invigorating.


Only recently did I realize WHY I really like watching infomercials? It’s because the type of format they use when they sell, and the way they cover all the necessary questions/concerns in order to get the viewer to buy


If you’ve ever watched more than one infomercial, you’ll notice there is a particular pattern that they all follow…


The pattern they use is something I’ve adopted in my own flow of marketing, because it works! The reason why it works is because the pattern covers all the questions, concerns, and shows a solution to a new viewer.


I call this methodology the “Frictionless Funnel” because you’re answering questions before the potential buyer has a chance to even ask them, which then solves their question without them having to use too much brain power in order to decide if product you’re selling will make their life better.


The other night my wife and I were getting ready for bed and an infomercial came on about a ‘hair regrowth product series‘.


I got excited not because of the product itself, but because I was able to predict every part of the infomercial before it happened.


Outside of when the Testimonials were shown, it was interesting to know that the testimonials cover the same type information in all Infomercials.


After about 10 minutes of me shouting at the TV about what was going to happen next and then getting excited that I was right, my wife had had enough and made me change the channel.


In today’s episode I wanted to break down a few of the strategies that are used in Infomercials and break it down as to how you can apply the strategies to increase your landing page conversions.


The Foundation That Infomercials Use, is the same as Long Form Sales Letters

  1. Create Awareness Of Problem
  2. Define The Need
  3. Give Sense of Urgency
  4. Show Choices Between Other Products (Evaluate)
  5. Mitigate Risk


I’m sure as I go through and point out the flow of an infomercial, it will bring back some memories of the ones you’ve seen in the past.


To best show this, I’m going to sell you a system I just made up called ‘How Lose 150 Calories By Bashing Your Head, Without Losing The Necessary Brain-cells For Improving Conversion Rates’ using the infomercial format


Truth’ Statement

  • Here’s the TRUTH!

Shocking statement


  • Did you know? that most people trying to increase their conversion rates spend less time burning the necessary amount of calories in order to locate the real problems


The major problem is brought up or stated, followed by the statement of “WHY?” along with points about why the problem occurs


  • Most people will never burn 150 calories which are necessary to determining better conversion rates, WHY?”
    • “You don’t the time to ride a bike for 20 minutes at high intensity every day”
    • “You don’t have the stamina to jog for 19 minutes straight”
    • “You don’t have the money to pay for 22 minutes of aerobics class”
    • “You don’t know how to gather the amount of people to put together a football match for 17 minutes”
    • “You don’t have the means to ride a horse for 52 minutes”


Then the problem gets agitated and exposed


  • But that’s not the end of the problem? it actually gets worse?


The REAL problem is shown by diving into more “WHY’s”


  • Why is the problem worse than the viewer thinks?
    • The way you burn calories is actually wasting more time and causing you to lose more conversions
  • Why is it even worse than the before statement?
    • “Even worse, the best way calorie burning solutions out there cost $1000’s of dollars, and will only help you burn 50% of the necessary calories”


Then comes the “Worst of all” statement


  • “And, Worst of All, When you finally get the time, money, and resources to burn those pesky calories, you’ve already put 2x the amount of calories back in your body?”


Here comes the turn-around though with your product as the solution to the problems you’ve been talking about.


  • “But luckily for you, there’s now a solution?”


  • “Introducing? the ‘How Lose 150 Calories By Bashing Your Head, Without Losing The Necessary Brain-cells For Improving Conversion Rates’ System”


Now your start describing your solution by either showing the features, benefits, and what each mean to the viewer, or by starting off with a verb to give action to the viewer.


  • “Discover how to burn calories without leaving your office or home which helps you drop pounds without having to workout in front of strangers”
  • “Learn how to perform the right moves in order to achieve your calorie burning in under 30 seconds, which means you don’t have to waste the time you’ve already declared that you don’t have…”
  • “How to patch the walls incase your headbashing is going better than you imagined, this helps you make sure your home or office still looks nice for guests coming over for Sunday Night Football”


So on and so on… best to start mentioning up to 10 benefits.


Then the introduction comes as well as stating the credentials behind why you’re able to make these promises/guarantees/claims.


Afterwards the testimonials come about others who have used the product / service and the results that they are getting.


Which leads into the product offering, the most important part of the sale!


  • What you get is…”


  • “Exact walk-through on how to properly place your hands and head to get maximum bashing efficiency”
  • “The knowledge of how to bash your head while you’re away from your normal head-bashing environment”
  • “My go-to guide which covers the 10 best places to bash your head in order to burn calories and improve conversions”


Then the bonuses come which can help give value to your offer


Create urgency / scarcity to get the viewer to act today


  • price drop
  • additional bonus added
  • 2nd product system to give as a gift
  • etc.


Cover the benefits that you stated earlier and show them again how the product or service is going to give them the benefits to the problems you’ve shown from the start.


Lastly, give a guarantee to make the deal a “no-brainer” which mitigates the risk of purchasing the product to a first time buyer


  • i.e 30 day money back.




The desirable offer that seems too good to pass up.

We’ve talked about creating offers before and some of the techniques used by Infomercials are because of:


  • “price anchoring”
  • discounts for purchasing today (urgency)
  • additional discounts for purchasing in the next few minutes (fear of missing out “FOMO”)
  • additional bonuses thrown in which increase the perceived value.


Now you can utilize the great strategies that Infomercials use without having to make the sale “Cheesy”.

Do you guys remember how incredibly cheesy the Magic Bullet infomercial was?

I think I watched that close to 100 times in my teens because of how cheesy it was.


A little fact as to why they are as obnoxiously cheesy is because it’s either the middle of the day or in the evening where the infomercial is shown.


Most viewers aren’t actively watching and the main points need to get across which will still get an un-attentive viewer to buy even if they haven’t watched the entire Infomercial, because their subconscious was triggered and the right message resonated with Three (3) parts of the human mind.


Which I’ll cover in another episode if you guys are interested in hearing more about those 3 parts of the mind that causes a person to act.



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Always a pleasure chatting with you guys,

Remember… keep on converting!


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