CMR 13: 5 (and a half) Tips to Increase Conversions On Your Website Right Away

CMR 13: 5 (and a half) Tips to Increase Conversions On Your Website Right Away

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** Transcription of Recording **


Hey what’s up guys welcome to conversion marketing radio we’re gonna get into this today.

I’m super excited because we got a question that came in from the website and I want to get an answered.

because you know what it’s important that everyone knows this, it’s five things that you can do on your website to increase traffic or conversions right away.

What’s up guys how’s it going today?

you know whether you’re on your morning commute or your evening hangout, maybe this is a leisure time; that’d be awesome! I’d love to hang out with you guys leisure time! That’d be super sweet!… if not, but you know that I appreciate you listening in and joining; hopefully it’s valuable for you guys and I really want to make sure this entire podcast is valuable.

For me, what I love about this is answering a lot of questions, because it helps me to know learn what challenge you might be facing right now [with your online marketing & conversions].

If it’s something that I don’t know, like I don’t know all the answers and I’m just trying to figure a lot of this stuff out on my own, and what some of this podcasting is doing for me is actually solidifying what I do know and I appreciate you listening in.

Its kind of a selfish motive, right? to podcast and to think “I’m really doing this for me” and I appreciate you guys listening in though because a lot of the times you can help me learn.

If you’ve got similar questions or something that is you’re at a roadblock with or like a “wall”. I love going in, like diving deep! just like “geeking out”, is some of my favorite things, just going hardcore into whatever the subject is.

I’ve got an insane amount of ADD, so I do like stray off all the time and sometimes end up down these like rabbit holes of information, and it’ll be like 4:00 a.m. and I’ll be figuring out what happened in like 1944 during like the World War II… and like how all these different things were created and all the impacts over history or I mean some of the craziest things. They’re like just causes me to go off on like such a tangent anyways… that was a tangent?.

So… today what I’ve got is actually a is a question that did come in and I was super excited about this because what they asked was “what are some tips or like just ideas that you can put like right into implementation the quick and dirty stuff that if you add it to your website it’s just going to increase traffic”???

Now there’s off obviously like a lot of things that you can do to increase traffic or conversions but one of the sometimes… it just… you gotta figure out like what are these “things” you know, you gotta take it out of the theory and actually get down into the “dirt”.

That’s what I wanted to do, right? Like what are things that you can do to your website, or your landing page, of your sales funnel, to increase conversions?

So the first thing that I would definitely make sure it all comes down to your offer, and as weird as that might sound, most people think “oh I’ve got to have like the most amazing copy ever”; Listen… if you’ve got an offer that is just amazing, it doesn’t matter if you’ve misspelled every single word on there, besides the offer itself, because people can recognize an amazing offer…right?

If you are saying “hey I’ll sell you this car for $5,000” and by the way I like increase are all throwing like all these different bonuses, if you sign up today, I do not care what the rest of the site looks like…. I’m probably gonna click on the [Learn More or Buy Now] button, and be like “what? I got to see… what’s the catch?”

You know, maybe there is a catch, maybe there isn’t a catch, but anyways that type of offer is gonna hook me right away.

Now the craziest part is that people are offering all these different or started not offering there they’re placing so many different types of links on their websites…

So the second thing that I would do, is, I would make your “call-to-action” obvious!

Going back to the first part, not only just having the offer, but put it above the “fold”; now the “fold” is a design term, typically, if you think of like a newspaper actually, it was everything that was on like that first part of the newspaper, where the newspaper was getting folded itself and literally that’s the fold, right.

If it was on the front page but not just the front page the part that was actually seen, so think newspaper folded up and what’s on the front not on the underside of that homepage or the front page, right, so think of all successful newspapers, right that’s essentially what you’re doing, you’re just digitizing it, so there’s some big giant headline, right.

It’s [Your Headline] super simple, it’s [Your Headline] very straightforward, so that’s the second part, right, an obvious “call-to-action”.

Now notice I said an obvious “call-to-action” not some giant blank, it definitely needs to be a simple headline for sure, but make sure the call-to-action is obvious. Make it a different color button than anything else on your websites, like pick a color at this point, I mean if you’re like super into design go through and actually coordinate it, if not just make it an obvious color that will be important, more like more important than trying to figure out how aesthetically pleasing it is. Make sure it’s just different, right.

The third part, continue changing or continue putting the same call-to-action every couple scrolls on your site [page] and don’t change it, like do not change the call-to-action, make it one call-to-action on your landing page, but your landing pages will not convert if every time I scroll I’m getting offered something different…

Because, what you’re doing is, like, think of like a conversation… if like every 10 seconds I were like “hey, do you want to drink of water?” like 10 seconds went by and I was like “hey do you want to go for a drive?” like, what you saw offered me one thing, then the next part is like 10 seconds later is like do you want to buy my hat like why would I buy your hat like where did that come from?

You know, so, anyways that’s what you’re doing on your landing pages if you’re changing the offer or the like what someone should click on every single scroll or couple seconds, you’re just offering them something else, and then, in a normal conversation that doesn’t happen… right?

But… if I was trying to get you to buy something, what I would do, is the first part, I’d kind of try to hook you.

I’d try to figure out through a question or something like what am i offering that can help solve your problem. If remember the “treatment plan” episode., like, what am i offering that’s a “treatment plan” to you.

Then everything I’m doing, is I’m building upon that offer, right? and it’s got to be absolutely just clear, like just as clear as day, so stop offering all these different links!

Make it one thing, and as crazy as that sounds, like, that’s what’s gonna create a lot of conversions, if you’ve got a lot of products, then fantastic! but do not offer all of them on the same page.

Now as you were scrolling down here’s the next piece of advice I’m gonna call this number four.

Put an image of success like a happy person someone who’s using your products someone who is just seeming like it’s a it’s a moment of clarity, because, you know why? because people picture themselves using the product.

What you want to do, is you want to help them envision what is it like [using your product or service], now, if you could do this visually, this is fantastic, because you can help them to see what it would be like to have the actual product, and you know what… if someone else is using it and they’re super happy, there’s a little release of oxytocin in your head and it goes boom! that’s fantastic! I want that! I want to be successful too!
So as you’re creating this offer, that’s how to make a nice fantastic image of what that looks like.

The next part is…. let’s call this number five.

I would put down in a very bite-sized pieces what is it that you’re trying to sell, like I guess the best way to say, some people want to call this like what’s your “revenue streams” as I’m like what’s your products? like put it into little bite-sized pieces though…

There’s two ways of thought right here, so the first part is or one of the ways, is to have like a ton of text on the page which is like a “long-form sales letter” that converts and that works because the fact that when people are reading the whole thing they’re hooked; however, if you’re also trying to get someone to just opt-in or go to the next step, one of the ways that you can also do this, is by very few words.

So it’s almost the exact opposite, and so comes in little bite-sized pieces.

If you could do this in either videos, or just very like bullet point text, like it helps you do this, who’s it for, it’s who that’s for “these types of people that have these kinds of problems” right, and it’s very very simple and straightforward to understand, and the right people are going to connect with it.

That’s what you want…

So number six, in this exact type of circumstance, and I know people are gonna argue against it instead of doing a long-form sales letter, which is amazing for getting people to buy something, so a little bit later but if you can get them to convert and take them through your funnel do this in a very simple way with a little easy action the easy action is download the lead magnets.

Now in very few words I don’t have to explain everything about a lead magnet, in fact I can probably put like two or three sentences and I’m pretty positive I can get you to put in your email.

From there I can go and take you through the like the rest of the funnel or the sale so it does have to come in these easy bite-sized pieces, not only through text, but actually through each step of your funnel, because what you’re trying to do is convert them, and to help them to see why you have the “treatment plan” or the best offer for their problem.

Now this is kind of like I’m going to leave it at that because these are some things you can go and apply right to your website right away, and hopefully this has been helpful for you guys.

If you want to keep on listening, and this is your first episode, thank you for your joining us, by the way and go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you want to keep listening to more.

The next part that I wanted to let you guys know is I’ve got a white paper that came out from last episode or just like a guide on how to Jeff Walker’s launch sequence blueprints.

I put something together of what I’ve been working with clients on and trying to simplify what that ‘launch sequence’ looks like so you don’t have to go read the whole book… I mean it’s an amazing book, you should definitely go read the whole book, if you can, but what I’ve put together is at least a blueprint download.

This is from last episode, and I want to make sure you guys know about it, because it does contain [this concept] writing. [From this Blueprint] You can see what a ‘lead magnet’ is sadly enough but that’s what that’s what you’re looking for is you’re looking for a way to get someone to look at how can I provide more value to you and that’s what I’m trying to do guys.

So if I’ve got any more questions, I’m super grateful for that one coming in; go ahead to forward slash free to download that that guide as well as you can ask the question right there on super grateful for your time today guys thank you so much again and always remember keep converting.

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