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Hey hey welcome back everybody to Conversion Marketing Radio. In today’s episode we’re gonna be talking about how to increase your sales by using Jeff Walker’s launch sequence. So let’s get into this .

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Guys I’m so excited to talk today. It seriously has been so long. I feel like I’ve abandoned you and I’ve abandoned myself and abandoned all my rituals and everything along those lines and I promise I’ll never do it again.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about how to actually increase sales and one thing that continually comes back to my mind is Jeff Walker’s product launch sequence.

Now when I first originally learned about this launch sequence I thought you had to have a new product and then something it was like almost like a dumb moment when I realized well I can do it with products that I already have because the people that are currently not buying from me actually have never seen the product so they don’t know that it already exists right and to them it’s new.

So this is something that was almost like that nice little light bulb that went off for me and I’m just excited to share it with you guys today.

So the first part that I really wanted to get into about this is that the reason why this tactic is successful is because the product launch sequence works best when you’re actually creating a conversation with your audience.

Now as silly as that might sound right it’s all about human to human. It’s a relationship and it’s like actually how a salesman would walk you through an entire step or like a better description is like how you actually create friends with people and influence them.

As silly as that might sound but that’s like the best way to actually change the way that a person thinks about something.

There’s a book called the advertising effect and the author, he’s a post psychologist who he went into advertising.

One of the biggest things that he pushes in the book is that action changes action changes attitude faster than attitude changes action.

What he means by this is that when you actually get someone to perform the action even if they hate you even if they even if they’re not feeling positive towards you, right, it could be on the very end of the other spectrum by getting them to do something that is easy and helping them to align with their motivation or their desires. If you can do this, this is where behavior starts to change.

So action changes attitude faster than attitude changes action now the product launch sequence actually falls right into this.

Now when I first actually did start learning about this it was man I was like four years ago I was back in college and it was right when it actually the book launched itself and Steven Larsen from Sales Funnel Radio and Secret MLM Hacks radio.

Him and I had gone through this book and it was like mind-blowing to us because we were about to launch a product in that we wanted to see if it was going to work and so we tried out just just parts of this right.

We didn’t even have to do a hundred percent of it we just tried out like the bare basics and we tried it to our the best of our abilities, but we also were kind of crunched on time so we took what we could. And the craziest part was it worked right and I want to take you through this step-by-step process.

Now this is definitely like an overview or a blueprints and I’m not going to go into too much detail in this episode and actually I’ve just written this out for a clients and they are wanting to launch a new product and they were initially going to just release it and I was like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa like back it up back it up back it up.

Like before you just go out there and kind of like allow the dogs to chew on it for a while why don’t we actually set up something that is going to create a lot of interest. Now the major successful brands or companies or entrepreneurs are all the different people that actually run through this different kind of sequence when it’s performed well you actually don’t realize it so you feel like it’s been something that you’re so sucked into. One of the best examples of this is movies.

So a Hollywood movie comes out with a preview like a year or six months before the actual movie and it entices you right. It starts to show the all-star cast it starts to pull it in just a little bit of the storyline for you and starts a book like it really attracts you right from this.


Then there’s like the TV ads that later come out then there’s like a social media campaign then the actors go and start doing like interviews on news stations and all these different little pieces that start creating more and more buzz right.


The reviewers come out. There’s like a couple people have watched this so there’s lots of there starts to be like a word of mouth and then all of a sudden like opening day comes out and the funniest part is like have you ever you ever like gone and been to a movie on like opening nights or anything like that and one of the things that you’re talking about is I you know either the interviews or the previews or you’re like hey you know what a person that I know like saw like a like a special taping of this before or you know something along those lines and it creates so much excitement for you now.


Obviously people have seen the movie right in order to review it and there’s also been so much talk about this movie from all different angles and because of it you were excited right you’ve already made up your mind that you this is a movie you’re gonna go watch and it’s on opening day and suddenly you go watch the movie and it’s a great experience and then all of a sudden you become that next word of mouth to people if you really like the movie.


You go post it on social media and you start talking to some of your friends or colleagues at work and the next thing you know is they’re gonna go watch it and then they start talking about it and the buzz just continues rolling so that’s the probably the best example I can give you of how this works. So let’s break it down until into like the five different steps.


So step number one what you’re gonna do is it’s it’s all about creating buzz. The entire purpose of step number one is to create well what I mean by this is like you start talking like you, you start communicating to people that will most likely be able to push it and you simply get them interested in this.


So you start identifying like how this fits into what they are interested in and if you can get like the quote unquote tastemakers to get excited about this then they’re gonna start pushing it this is like the cool kids on the block those kinds of guys right from there what you’re able to do is it’s all about the excitement so it’s like man did you hear about this or you know what we’ve got this thing coming in oh my gosh like it’s gonna be so perfect for your kind of audience or, or anything along those lines.


So this is the like affiliate step right just literally communicating getting the buzz getting the excitement and actually getting the people that you know so this is if you’ve never done it before there’s like friends and family this is people on your own social media this is people at church people that you got to work with that you go to the gym with whatever it could be this is where you start talking to people on an on the ground level.


The next step, step number two is you’re looking to actually create more buzz about this topic among people that are actually like potential buyers that’s probably the best way to say it and what in Jeff Walker’s sequence this is called like the pre pre-launch meaning this isn’t a way that you can actually get people onto your radar screen and what you’re doing in order to get people onto your radar.


You’re doing things like a comp like a contest or a social media campaign or like infographics or videos or like a survey whatever it is.


You’re getting people involved to some degree right so this is a little more of a push out and actually getting people somewhat interested and if you can get them to show you their interest then you can get them back right so like but oh yeah good way to combine some of these things something that I’m thinking for a client for what we’ve got set up is actually a competition or a contest mixed with a survey that’s all run through social media and we’ll go through a landing page where it will explain the competition or the contest of life the products you’re winning then in order to win this competition or in order to like get an entry you have to fill out a survey and it’s on a single landing page and the only thing that you’re able to do on this landing page is to simply take the survey right.


It’s like it’s us it’s a simple squeeze page the best part about it as well is by using a video you can also explain more about some of your upcoming other products.


Right maybe you’ve got a product that you don’t mind giving away as a competition and what you can end up doing is kind of sneaking this in so think about that movie again when you go to a movie you see previews for more movies so it’s kind of this evergreen process so one of the things you can do in this pre pre launch sequence is you might introduce this competition of like getting rid of some of your old products or you know doing like a smaller service.


This is where that tripwire offer might also or its are not some might but could play in a role for your pre pre-launch sequence because you could give it away at a small price as something that what would cost a lot greater before but then you can introduce your other or new products that are coming out to get more of this buzz right.


So let’s move on to the next step So this is really the pre-launch step number three this is an area where you’re giving prospects or like potential customers the ability to buy before your actual launch. It’s also another area where you are taking people through actual value now if you’re teaching something or you’re selling a product how does this product influence this person in their daily lives and what problems are you solving.


If you remember in the last podcast we’re talking about the solutions of what your of what your products or your services can do a meaning this is a an area where you can educate your potential buyers on why your product helps them it also is a time for you instead of necessarily just selling them continue the education now you want to run this on like a drip campaign something that can go out on a daily sequence so let’s say for five days.


So they take your the survey they enter the competition very first thing that they get is a little bit of this value ad that says hey you know what if you’re interested in in winning this competition or this contest for this product or our service or whatnot we’re gonna share with you a little bit of this education piece that’s going to help you in your life right like the solutions to solving your problems in there.


You start talking about a lot of the other solutions that may not have to do entirely with your product or your service but it is something that’s going to be beneficial for these people like this is a way that you deliver real value.


It’s also an understanding or an opportunity for you to introduce like what that problem looks like then you can introduce your new product that’s coming out so you can show proof of how it’s also going to help solve their problem and then demonstrate what the ownership or what it looks like for them to participate in using your products or the service you’re gonna provide like what does that look like once that they’re in buying mode or that they’ve purchased it.


So you start to envision that now step number four of our launch is the actual launch. So a good way to think of this strategy now step four a key to success on this one is after you launch create a massive urgency.


Now this urgency can be done either through like a scarcity tactic of price it could say hey you know what in seven days from now or three days from now or 24 hours from now the price is going to go up or it could be like you’ve got a bonus offer that came with your launch and that’s gonna go away if they don’t buy within 24 hours or however much you set but don’t go longer than seven days because that’s not scarcity at all.


And another tactic is maybe even the availability of the product maybe you’ve only got 500 products so in order to get onto your list even if it’s like a pre-order literally just create some type of scarcity in in your launch this causes a lot of momentum forward because the next step of your launch sequence is just as important as the actual launch.


Now when after people buy and after you’ve launched in this stage you are going to literally just like wow your customers so they’ve purchased and what you ought like me to do is over deliver because what you can do on your over delivery is you get them ready to buy the next product. They love everything that you’ve got going on they think man this is the best value for what I could have ever purchased.


Apple is actually really good at this think of like it’s apples like a like a religion in this sense where you buy a product and then there’s some of the updates and some of the updates aren’t quite ready there but then what they also do is all the geeks and everyone starts talking about ok well what about the next product so you’re pretty happy with what you currently have I mean for the most part it’s a pretty advanced piece of technology there’s not too many other things that are really gonna like stand up against it I mean amongst the immediate competition but just think this is what the the best way to get people ready for your next sequence.


What it also does is it creates a lot of word-of-mouth so if people are very happy with the value that you’ve been able to give during this post launch sequence they are going to spread that just virally right it’s gonna absolutely just take off because people like talking about things that are influencing and changing their life and what they’re very happy about.


And then the last part to this it’s not necessarily a step but you do want to make sure that if you haven’t been able to reach all your target audience this is what I’ve talked about in the beginning of this episode relaunch, it’s like a new group, right, run it again make it evergreen.


This is a chance for you to basically take more people through that exact same launch sequence and honestly it’s something that if you can implement him to your business even it to the slightest degree right create the buzz get your affiliates or your your friends on board the people that can talk about it right from the very beginning the the guys that are like the tastemakers are just people that can basically just advocate for you or your products then start creating that buzz again by actually getting people more involved so the surveys the contests everything like this.


This is your tripwire offer or your lead magnets right introducing what it is providing real value along the way before you actually launch so you basically prepare people to buy your product by teaching them either how to use it where the benefits are going to be for them and how this is going to be life-changing and solve their problems and then launch create your scarcity.


Your urgency then after you launch continue delivering and over delivering on your value or their expectations this is what gets the word-of-mouth this is more like that organic growth and and then run it again continue and evergreen and this is something that’s been on my mind and I know it works guys. Implement it into your own business if you guys liked this episode let me know in either the reviews on iTunes or send me a message through Facebook or even go to conversion marketing


Thank you so much again for your time today. I always value it and never take advantage of it because man you guys just spent like 15 minutes with me and I really really appreciate it.


If you’ve got any other questions or any things that you want me to talk about on the show go to conversion marketing radio calm as well you can ask a question that can either be featured on the show or just simply message me there as well.


I’m also going to probably write out or draw out what this little launch sequence looks like so if you want to see the actual what it looks like in sequence or like a visual of it head over to convergent marketing ford slash freebies and i’ll draw it up there for you guys so you can go and download it and actually have it as a template for you guys to go through.


Thanks again and we’ll catch you next time.

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