CMR 10: The Secrets To Using Videos For Conversions

CMR 10: The Secrets To Using Videos For Conversions

Interview with Kyle Rawson



In this Episode, Ben Willson interviews Kyle Rawson a CEO of Two (2) companies, Darci Media & Syphon Sound.

The “Nitty-Gritty” and What to look out for:

  • The secrets behind how to make video content that can entertain and convert the audience into interested leads… the answer is NOT what you might think it is
  • Kyle talks about how a single video caused his business to sell out of Inventory in less than 24 hrs of releasing the video
  • What the struggles of an early entrepreneur goes through and how to continue pushing through those entrepreneurial battles to the other end
  • And lastly, the time when Ben and Kyle first met on a mountain and Kyle telling Ben to continue “Falling” on film

Link to the Kickstarter Video that helped launch Syphon Sound and turn it into the Brand that it is today.


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